Updated September 2022

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all lesson and program agreements made between FIGARO MUSIC STUDIOS, LLC (“FMS”) and its students and the parents/guardians of its students “the student”).

The Terms and Conditions described below may seem relatively strict but have been discussed at length and thought out very carefully, with the endeavor of making them as fair as possible for both client and provider. As FMS functions with minimal margins, such lines in the sand have had to be drawn and are not a reflection of how awesome the majority of FMS families are. We approach each individual case in good faith with an open ear and we hope that you will also approach us in the same manner.

1. Term Dates

1a. During the school year, lesson weeks at FMS mostly adhere to the public school schedule in Concord, New Hampshire. However, there are some differences and we will always let you know we aren’t holding lessons. Additionally, you can find all scheduling information in the calendar section of your student portal. Lessons continue throughout the summer and we will be sure to communicate vacation weeks in the summer.

2. Communications

2a. Most correspondence is sent out to the student by email. We may occasionally communicate via text if we’re having trouble reaching you with emails.

2b. It is the responsibility of the student to make FMS aware of any changes to their contact details. 

2c. Due to the size of our student roll, most of FMS’s communication is done via bulk delivery services. These emails come from the following email address: office@figaromusicstudios.com. We may also use the email address amy@figaromusicstudios.com. These email address should be added to your email safe list to ensure you receive all communications from us. We cannot be responsible for emails you missed from us because they went to your spam folder.

2d. Please remember that we are only human and we do make mistakes! If you notice something incorrect, e.g. lesson details or account details, it is not meant offensively. In these cases please let us know via email to office@figaromusicstudios.com so we can resolve the situation as soon as possible.

3. Timetabling of Lessons

3a. The student’s family will be informed of the lesson day, time and the date of their first lesson either by phone, in person or by email. FMS will aim to confirm all the lesson details by email, but does not guarantee that this will be the case if it deems sufficient confirmation has been provided by other means.

3b. If the agreed lesson times or days need to be changed, the student will be contacted as far in advance as possible and alternative arrangements will be made to continue the lessons at times and days that suit the student and FMS.

3c. There are no lessons during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, February school break and April school break. Lessons are held every day during the school year other than the above-mentioned, including holidays such as Columbus Day.

4. Student Absences

4a. If the student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson, please cancel the lesson in your student portal at the earliest time possible.

4b. No make up lesson or credit will be given for missing a lesson where less than 24-hours’ notice is given. This lesson is considered forfeited.

4c. We encourage you to make up your lesson within the same week as your cancelation whenever possible, or to double up on lessons the following week. Make up lessons owed are not allowed to accumulate, and must also be used during the school year, not in the summer.

4d. We will go above and beyond to help work out your make up lesson timings with you, however if you decide that you would prefer to not have this, this lesson is considered forfeited.

4e. It is only by managerial discretion that customer credit is placed on a student’s account to the value of a missed lesson, and in almost every case credit will not be given. Customer credit is not transferable for money but will be used at the earliest convenience – usually the next month’s fees.

5. Teacher Absences or Inclement Weather

5a. If the student’s teacher is unavailable to teach, FMS will attempt to arrange a cover teacher and give you as much notice as possible.

5b. If this is not possible, we will send you the lesson rescheduler and you can choose a different day or time for that week’s lesson (or you can double up on lessons the following week). If you’re unable to find a new time, try to double up on lessons another week in the future, or we will give you a make up credit which you can use during make up week in the summer.

5c. In the case of inclement weather, lessons will be held online via Zoom at the time of your original lesson. FMS will email you to let you know the lessons have been moved online and to give you the Zoom code. If you don’t hear from us, the weather was not deemed bad enough to move lessons online. If you don’t feel comfortable driving to your lesson, email the office and we will set you up with an online lesson.

6. Tuition Fees and Accounting

6a. Tuition is $135/month per student. 

6b. Upon enrollment, you will be charged a one-time registration fee of $70 per family. If you opt out of lessons for a period of time and then re-enroll, this fee will be charged again.

6c. When a student passes their books, they will need a new set of books which we will provide them with at the studio. The cost of the books will be added to your next invoice (usually around $20 per book set). You will pay only the sticker price for your books — FMS does not profit off of the books we bill you for. If you would prefer to pick up your own books at the store, let us know by emailing the office with your request.

6d. If the student misplaces their piano book or assignment notebook, we will provide a new one but it will be billed on your next monthly payment.

6e. FMS accepts automatic ACH bank transfers for payment. FMS will need your bank routing and checking account number in order to set up the automatic payments. These numbers must be mailed to us at 254 North State Street Unit E, or given to the office over the phone or in person before your first lesson. If you prefer, you may also contact us via phone at 603-715-4453 to provide these numbers.

6f. If the student would like to pay by check, you are welcome to do so only if you pay for one full semester ($625) a week or more before your first lesson. The check must be mailed to 254 North State Street Unit E, Concord, NH 03301. There will be no refunds given if you choose to suspend lessons before the end of the semester. If you choose to pay this way, we will send invoices when your child receives new books which must be paid by the due date.

6g. If we haven’t received your payment details before the student’s first lesson with us, we will need to cancel their lessons until payment is received. This will be a temporary suspension, which means that FMS will keep the lesson time slot available for the student in hopes that payment will be made. If FMS doesn’t hear from the student within a week, we reserve the right to give away the time slot.

7. Duration of the Lesson Agreement – Ongoing

7a. The lesson agreement between FMS and the student is a rolling agreement that continues into each new term and new year.

8. Canceling the Lesson Agreement – the student must opt out of the lesson agreement with FMS

8a. If the student wishes to cancel the lesson agreement with FMS, written notice must be received by FMS Management one month prior to the next billing date (which is always the 1st of the month). If lessons are canceled on February 5th, for example, there will be one more withdrawal from your account on March 1st. The student may continue lessons throughout that entire month. No credit will be given for any final lessons not attended.

9. Penalties

9a. DISHONORED PAYMENTS – The student’s account will be debited with a $10 fee if any online or check payment is annulled, plus the amount that was annulled.

9b. The student is responsible for any and all charges that their bank may levy for rejecting any payment to FMS.

10. Photography and Filming

10a. FMS may use film or still photographs of students for appropriate promotional purposes.

10b. You (or your parents if you are under 18 years of age) must inform FMS in writing at anytime if you will not allow the use of such images. You will have a chance to do this when you fill out your registration form.

11. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

11a. The Terms and Conditions described above are agreed to upon enrollment and may be changed at any point by FMS without providing notice to the student. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will always be available on our website and may be emailed to the student upon request.

Contact Details

For all general inquiries, questions about scheduling, fees, or anything else administrative, contact: office@figaromusicstudios.com

To find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/figaromusicstudios

To find us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/figaromusicstudios

To call us: 603-369-0265 (if we don’t answer, leave a message with your name a good time to call you back)

Mailing address:
Figaro Music Studios
254 North State Street, Unit E
Concord, NH 03301

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