Guitar Lesson for Kids and Teens

The guitar is a beautiful instrument.

It’s portable. It’s versatile  that is to say, it works for many different musical styles. 

Basically, it’s awesome in just about every way, so it’s time to find out if your child is ready to take guitar lessons!

Does your child love music? Do they like to sing in the car or dance to the radio in the kitchen?

There’s one small problem…

Kids HATE guitar lessons, right?

Practicing is hard.

Teachers are strict.

Not to worry…

We’ve solved that problem

Practicing is Fun

At our studio, kids learn all their songs at the lesson, at least for the entire first year. When they go home, they already know how to play their songs so it’s fun to practice!

Teachers are Supportive

Our guitar teachers are caring and supportive. Some students want to make piano a serious study, but most kids just want to have a fun experience and learn something cool. We understand that! We work with each student as an individual and set expectations for them according to their needs.

We Focus on Creativity and Enjoyment

When kids begin guitar lessons, they want to be playing MUSIC right away. Kids who are required to learn scales, arpeggios, and countless musical terms in the first few weeks of lessons often get scared away before they get to the good stuff.

From the very first lesson, our students are playing actual songs, exploring the guitar, learning chords, and having fun! We teach scales and musical terms only when they become important to the student.

We Teach All Styles of Music

We introduce our students to many different genres such as rock, jazz, classical, movie music… By the time our students are older, they’ve had plenty of exposure and can choose their favorite style to pursue.

Do you want to see your child enjoying music and excited to show you the songs they’re learning? Do you want them to make lightning fast progress so they can play the songs they love?

Get in touch with us today to ask for more information or to set up an introductory lesson at no charge! 

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