KiddyKeys Piano Class (Age 3-5)

Does your little one LOVE music?

Does he or she light up when they hear their favorite songs?

If so, you’re probably afraid you’re going to miss out on the prime time to foster their desire to make and experience music.

Not to worry… we’ve got you covered!


But isn’t my child too young for piano lessons?

At this age, your child’s fingers aren’t ready to be playing entire songs and reading notes. But they sure love music, don’t they! It’s important to develop that love early on and encourage them to explore and be creative with music.

You’ve probably heard that “Mozart makes babies smarter.” There have been countless studies which show the significant positive impact of music in the brain of young children.

Here’s some of what your child will experience in KiddyKeys:

  • Improvising on the piano and composing their very own songs, making music which they can connect to personally
  • Basic music and piano theory which will give them a strong foundation when they enter more traditional music lessons
  • Singing and learning to really listen to music

Your child probably isn’t ready to sit still for a long period of time, so traditional piano lessons will be overwhelming. There’s nothing more important than introducing music in a fun, exploratory way and just allowing them to connect with music.

You’ll beam with pride as your little one happily sings songs about Mozart and Beethoven, develops rhythm and movement, and furthers their creativity by making up their own songs.

What moms are saying

“We’ve been taking our 3 year old to Figaro Music Studios since September for the Kiddie Keys program. Music is a big part of our lives and when we found out that this program was local we were ecstatic! Our 3 year old looks forward to going to class every week and leaves class beaming with pride from all that he learned from his teacher and peers. If you’re looking to get your kids into music and piano, look no further than Figaro Music Studios!

Laura H.

“My daughter is 3 1/2 and has been going to Figaro music for almost a year. The teachers are so amazing with her. She came home today and was practicing her skipping notes on her keyboard. I don’t even know what skipping notes are so I literally had to ask Siri. I am so impressed with this school and I am so excited for my daughter. The class is helping her with math and literacy. Thank you Figaro Music Studios! We are so grateful for this school 💜🍎💜🍎

Jacqueline Carey

“My son will be 4 soon and he started KiddyKeys almost a year ago. He absolutely loves going to piano class and seeing Miss Sue. I love seeing how much music knowledge he is learning through play. He loves the songs so much we sing them at home and march around the house. I was pleasantly surprised to find a preschool piano class; we love Figaro music school!

Jessica Santacruse

“My daughter has been in the Kiddy Keys program at Figaro Music Studios for a year and loves it. She has become so much more musical and is developing a great foundation to move on to learning to play. I highly recommend this program for 3-5 year-olds.”

Nicole Alcide

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