Choir at Figaro Music Studios

Does your child love to sing?

If so, then they’re probably very musical!

But just like with any other skill, they won’t be able to sing properly and get the most enjoyment out of it without the proper instruction.

Singing might seem like something you either can do or you can’t. But there are right ways and wrong ways to do it, and singing is a skill that can be practiced and learned by anyone.

Our choir meets weekly for 45 minutes full of singing, voice games, education, and loads of fun!


Age: 6-11
Time: Wednesdays 5:45-6:30
Cost: $50 per month or $40 for students who are in music lessons at FMS

Singing is the #1 way to connect with music — even more so than playing an instrument.

Do you know anyone who loves music so much that they just can’t stop themselves from singing or humming all the time? If so, they’re probably one of the happiest people you know!

People who know how to sing have the ability to enjoy and understand the world around them in a way that most people can’t.

Some folks are great at imitating sounds such as birds chirping. Did you know that this is actually a musical ability?

That may not seem like a useful skill, but it is — the ability to process the things around you and then put them back out into the world gives musical people an edge, and a unique way of seeing and experiencing things.

We would LOVE for your child to experience this! Contact us today to request a free trial class where your child can find out how rewarding it is to learn to use their voice, and connect with other children who love singing just as much as they do.

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