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Printable Piano Practice Chart

by | Apr 18, 2019 | FMS Resources

Your child’s success in piano relies on a powerful triangle. The teacher, child, and parent all play an important role!

The teacher’s and student’s role is clear. The parent’s role though, is a little less obvious.

Whose job is it to remember piano practice?

It would be nice if you could expect your kids to take care of all their responsibilities without reminders, but my guess is that’s not usually what happens. 

Take, for example, getting ready for school in the morning. Ideally, your kids are getting up and ready for school in the morning without being asked. You don’t have to keep checking in on them to make sure they’ll be on time.

Realistically though, they’ll be getting to school on time whether they kept themselves on track or not. Why? Because if they can’t get themselves ready without your interference, YOU interfere and make it happen. You didn’t rely on them to take responsibility because, well, they’re kids. They’re not always the most responsible human beings!

It’s the same thing with piano. It’s a good lesson for them to learn to be disciplined and practice every day, but if they’re forgetting to do it, you might need to step in and make it happen! 

You can work together to make piano practice happen with this printable practice chart!

Download and print this practice chart and hang it on your fridge or in another place where it’ll be easily seen. Every day your child practices, he or she can put a sticker on the day and write in how many minutes they practiced. If they completed their theory book assignments and did their flashcards, they get extra stickers!

The sticker boxes are 1″ squares so you can use something like this, or just use whatever stickers you have on hand! The stickers don’t need to fit in the boxes perfectly but if they don’t, just don’t show me your chart… it will drive my obsessive brain bonkers! (just kidding 

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Getting into a daily practice rhythm requires effort from both the parent and the student. I hope this chart can help you make it fun together!

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