Complete Piano Starter Kit

by | Feb 20, 2020

All the equipment you need to get started with piano lessons

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You can get started with piano for as little as $129. The RockJam 61 Portable Keyboard is a great place to start and comes as an all-in-1 kit complete with bench, stand, and headphones.

In this article you’ll find recommendations for keyboards and other equipment at several different price points, but if you’re looking for the most affordable way to get started, just go with the RockJam!

Although we’re recommending keyboards here, the best instrument to use is a real piano. Real pianos take up more space and can be more expensive (though not as much as you think!), but after a year or two of lessons, it’s definitely something to consider. For more information on pianos, visit

Choose a Keyboard

RockJam 61
Portable Keyboard


This is about the best deal you can get on an entry-level keyboard. It’s a great price, but only has 61 keys. If there’s room in your budget, spend a little more and get the Alesis Recital ($219). But if you’re willing to upgrade relatively soon, the RockJam 61 is a great place to start!

RockJam 61
Complete Kit


This is the same as the keyboard above, but it comes with a stand, headphones, and bench. It’s a good deal, so if you’re going with the RockJam I recommend spending the extra to get the whole kit!

Alesis Recital


This is the best deal I’ve ever seen for an 88-key (full-size) keyboard. The keys are semi-weighted, which gives this keyboard a better feel than any other in this price range.

Yamaha P-125
With Stand


This is the keyboard we use at Figaro Music Studios, and it’s very nice. It’s pricey but would be suitable for many years of lessons! 

Choose a Stand

Portable Stand


This stand will go with pretty much any keyboard. X-Stands are not incredibly sturdy, so make sure your keyboard is tight up against a wall if you’re going to use one. If you want a sturdier stand, you’ll need to find one that fits the particular keyboard model you purchased.

Choose a Bench

Yamaha Padded


Comfortable, easy to set up, and foldable for easy storage. You really can’t go wrong with Yamaha!

Duet Bench


This bench is just a little bigger and sturdier, and has a more pleasing aesthetic.

That’s everything you need to get started with piano. The only thing remaining is finding a teacher, if you haven’t already. Get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE trial lesson!

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