Meet a few of our piano students and see how satisfied their parents are!


Tess was a beginner when she began lessons at FMS, and it was clear from the very first lesson that she was going to do impressive things. After just over a year of lessons, Tess is already working on her SIXTH SET of books, and continuing to go through her newest set at breakneck speed. 

Her mom Kathy recently emailed me and said, “Thank you for making Tess’s first year of piano so much fun for her. She loves playing and I know you are a big part of that!!”

We were referred to Figaro by a classmate of my daughter and I’m so glad we were! They told us about this great method of group lessons and I was definitely intrigued. Having group lessons has not in any way diminished the personal attention that Tess receives at Figaro, if anything I feel that the students get more focused attention when they really need it. She instantly connected with Amy and her teaching methods and can’t get enough piano. I never have to ask her to practice, she’s excited to learn more, to try new things and to take her music as far as she can. I’m astonished with how much she’s learned in a short amount of time and I am so thankful we found Amy and Figaro Music Studios!!


Tess plays Canon in D


Luke is working through the Young Beginner series. It’s really a joy to watch someone so young pick things up so quickly. He comes to all of his lessons completely prepared and excited to show me his songs. At six years old, he can already easily name all the notes on the staff that he’s learned so far. This would make most adults I know jealous!

Luke performed in his first recital at Christmas. He played “Up On the Housetop” and did an amazing job! 

Figaro Music Studios provides an inviting atmosphere for students to learn piano and grow in their love of music! Excellent, knowledgeable and welcoming teacher – Amy has truly fostered a love for the piano in my kiddos!


Luke played Up on the Housetop at our Christmas recital:


Meghann began studying with Amy as a semi-beginner 2 1/2 years ago. She made good, steady progress for awhile, but in the last year or so she’s grown as a musician by leaps and bounds. She’s playing difficult repertoire with ease, able to read new music with minimal effort, performs in recitals regularly, and is clearly loving piano and music in general.

 Meghann is a star example of what students can achieve when they put their mind to something and stick with it. It’s clear that Meghann will enjoy music and cherish her ability to play the piano for her whole life, and THIS is our biggest goal for our students!

Her parents told us, “We love listening to our own private piano concert when Meghann practices.” We think she’ll be ready to sell tickets to her own concerts pretty soon!

Thank you for all you have done for Meghann, it is obvious she truly enjoys playing the piano, we do not have to prompt or remind her to practice and it is great to see that this is something she is inspired to do and I believe it is due to your style of teaching.


Watch this video to see Meghann’s performance of this song from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean


Elinor came to FMS as a complete beginner, and flew through her first book in less than two months (in case you’re wondering – this is crazy fast!). Since then she’s continued to make extremely quick progress, usually coming to her lessons having learned several songs in addition to the ones she was assigned. 

Her mom Nicole says, “She usually practices every day without needing to be reminded and her playing has improved so quickly that what sounded like noise a couple of months ago has improved to the point that I recognize the songs without her having to tell me what she’s playing.”

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MORE Testimonials

Figaro Music Studio knows music and knows kids! Our 9 yr-old son has been motivated and inspired week after week to keep learning and practicing for a couple of years now with his enthusiasm matching that of the first week. He beams with pride from he encouragement received during lesson times and recitals. Figaro Music Studio also knows parents. Recitals and lesson times are perfect for busy families.

-Maggie Hawkins

“Amy is a wonderful teacher and a very talented musician. She has formed a close connection with my girls, ages 8 & 15, and they love their lessons! I am amazed at how quickly they have progressed! Amy gives her students a strong musical foundation in a fun and motivating way. She also provides many opportunities for student recitals in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Sometimes she even treats us to a performance of her own! I highly recommend Figaro Music Studios for students of all levels.”

-Meredith Kropp

“Figaro Music Studios has done wonders for my son! He absolutely loves his teacher Amy and has made so much progress and enjoys playing piano so much more! I was curious how the group lessons would work as he had taken private lessons in our home for 4 years prior. Well, he immediately started progressing faster and he really enjoys playing long side the other kids in class. I highly recommend Figaro Music Studios! They are very professional and so encouraging and fun! Also, Amy and her sister put on a piano concert in November that was amazing! It’s so great to see how talented the instructor is and what hard work and dedication can result in! It was a real boost for everyone! I am so glad we made the switch to Figaro Music studios!”

-Kirsten Cable

“Amy is a wonderful piano teacher. My child has fallen in love with the piano because of Amy’s approach to teaching. We are so lucky!

-Brooke Belanger

Amy is a kind and fun teacher. She uses a variety of engaging techniques to teach not just notes and method but also confidence and poise. Even at a difficult time when my daughter thought she wanted to quit and try another activity, Amy was patient and creative with finding ways to re-engage her. Amy also offers many opportunities for low-stress recitals—at an ice cream barn to a nursing home to her own practice space.

-Natasha Reiner

“I highly recommend Figaro Music Studios. My daughter has been taking lessons here for almost a year. She has made great progress, but more importantly, she enjoys the lessons at Figaro with her excellent instructor, and she is developing a love of music that she will have for the rest of her life.

-Jeremiah Johnson

“My daughter has been taking lessons from Amy for about 7 years – and has grown as a musician and a person with Amy’s guidance. She’s never wanted to give it up even after transitioning to high school and feels confident to consider switching from cello to piano for her last two years of orchestra. I highly recommend Figaro Music Studios!

-Kerrie Diers

We have been so happy with Figaro Music Studios. Our daughter is sight reading, playing and practicing on her own without needing to be reminded, and she’s working through her song book at a break neck pace! She’s loving it and so am I.

As a trained music educator, I know how hard it can be to keep children engaged and excited about learning how to read music. I’m thrilled with the program Amy has worked so hard to set up.

-Ashley Grover

My son has been taking lessons for over a year now and he has grown so much. We have been to several other studios for piano lessons and none of them compare to the excellent experience at Figaro Music Studios. Amy is caring and knowledgeable, she has a true love for teaching and playing. We looked for a long time by trial and error in the Concord area and this is where I would recommend over all others.

-Alicia David

I have seen such a change in Evelyn since she has started taking lessons from you. Her confidence continues to build and she has shown major improvement in homeschool  You have such a great handle on how children build confidence and knowledge through learning to do the work themselves. I think your method of teaching children to play is very smart and it definitely gets results!

-Hannah O’Dowd

We’ve been with Amy for over 5 years and we cannot say enough positive things about our experience with her. She is wonderful with kids of all ages and is an excellent role model whom our girls look up to. Our girls love their weekly lesson with her. She creates an excitement about piano and learning music, making it fun in the process. We highly recommend her!

-Maria Gilbert

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