Piano and Guitar Lessons for Adults

Do you regret not learning to play music when you were a child? 

There’s no reason you can’t start now!

Not only is it fun to learn an instrument, there’s nothing better for your brain than to train it to do something it’s never done before. 

There’s one small problem

It takes FOREVER to learn an instrument, doesn’t it? 

Life is busy.

Adults don’t absorb information as fast as kids do.

And your teacher will make you play nothing but scales and Mary Had a Little Lamb for months on end. Right?

Not to worry…

We’ve solved that problem

You choose your pace

Are you a busy doctor, a stay-at-home mom, or doing anything else that leaves you with almost zero free time left in your day? We totally understand that. When you come in for a lesson after a week of no practice, we won’t give you a hard time about it. You’ll always have a chance to warm up, ease into your lesson, and learn something new!

You will be able to learn just as fast, if not faster than kids

While it’s true that adults don’t absorb information the same way that kids do, adults do have better critical thinking skills. In your first few months of lessons, we’ll help you breeze through the beginner material as quickly as possible, even if you don’t have much time to practice at home.

You’ll be playing the songs you’ve always wished you could play in no time!

When you begin piano lessons, we know you want to be playing MUSIC right away. Maybe you took lessons as a child and hated practicing because you were forced to play 20 minutes of scales every day!

From the very first lesson at Figaro, you will be playing actual songs and having a good time. We teach scales and technical exercises only when they become important to you, and they will never be the focal point of your lessons.

Do you feel like it’s time to do something for yourself and learn an instrument like you’ve always wished you could? 

Get in touch with us today to ask for more information or to set up an introductory lesson at no charge! 

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