“We have been so happy with Amy and FMS. Our daughter is sight reading, playing and practicing on her own without needing to be reminded, and she’s working through her song book at a break neck pace! She’s loving it and so am I.

As a trained music educator, I know how hard it can be to keep children engaged and excited about learning how to read music. I’m thrilled with the program Amy has worked so hard to set up.”

-Ashley Grover

“I have seen such a change in Evelyn since she has started taking lessons from you. Her confidence continues to build and she has shown major improvement in homeschool 🙂 You have such a great handle on how children build confidence and knowledge through learning to do the work themselves. I think your method of teaching children to play is very smart and it definitely gets results!”

-Hannah O'Dowd

“My son has been taking lessons for over a year now and he has grown so much. We have been to several other studios for piano lessons and none of them compare to the excellent experience at Figaro Music Studios. Amy is caring and knowledgeable, she has a true love for teaching and playing. We looked for a long time by trial and error in the Concord area and this is where I would recommend over all others.”

-Alicia David

“My daughter has been taking lessons from Amy for about 7 years – and has grown as a musician and a person with Amy’s guidance. She’s never wanted to give it up even after transitioning to high school and feels confident to consider switching from cello to piano for her last two years of orchestra. I highly recommend Amy!”

-Kerrie Diers

“Amy is a wonderful piano teacher. My child has fallen in love with the piano because of Amy’s approach to teaching. We are so lucky!”

-Brooke Belanger

“Amy is a passionate, warm, effective teacher. My almost-9 year old daughter loves her group lessons and looks forward to piano every week.”

-Sara Greene

“Amy is a wonderful teacher! My daughter started lessons with Amy in September and she has not only improved dramatically, but she is happy and loves to practice!”

-Jennifer Howard

“I’m very impressed not just with the skill the kids develop, but with the joy of making music that Amy fosters in her students.”

-Eric Kropp

“We look forward to each and every lesson; kudos to Miss Amy for making piano so much fun!”

-Jennifer Guadagno

“My daughter is loving lessons with Amy. She has learned so much so quickly!”

-Dawn McKinney

“My daughter, Sophie, has been taking piano lessons from Miss Amy for about 4 years or so and I continue to be impressed with all of the learning tools Amy uses to inspire, motivate and teach her love of music to her students! She thinks outside the box and steers away from old fashioned methods, keeping Sophie’s interest and making learning FUN! Amy holds Sophie accountable for practicing and doing her best each lesson, but does so in a way that isn’t intimidating or daunting, but rewarding. I am amazed how quickly Sophie has become comfortable and skilled on the piano. At home, Sophie is proud to show off her talent to her friends and family and I thank Miss Amy for inspiring that in her!”

-Michelle Diamond

“Great teaching! Supportive, inspiring atmosphere. Highly recommended.”

-Jennifer Goodman

“We’ve been with Amy for over 5 years and we cannot say enough positive things about our experience with her. She is wonderful with kids of all ages and is an excellent role model whom our girls look up to. Our girls love their weekly lesson with her. She creates an excitement about piano and learning music, making it fun in the process. We highly recommend her!”

-Michael and Maria Gilbert

“Amy has been my daughter’s piano teacher for two years.  She has built a terrific rapport with my very shy daughter while at the same times having very high standards.  She also knows how to make new concepts understandable and breaks up hard songs into smaller, easier to learn pieces.  My daughter will practice more because she does not want to disappoint Amy and she knows that if a song isn’t up to Amy’s standards then we will just get it assigned again another week.  Amy has high expectations from her students but gives them the tools, confidence, and desire to meet them.”

-Adam Lesser

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