Learn About Our Accelerated Piano Program

Your child’s school probably has that one kid who’s just a whiz at the piano. All the kids think he’s so awesome because he can play Für Elise, Star Wars, or Let It Go.

Wouldn’t it be cool if that was YOUR kid? 

You might wonder if your child is talented enough, or if they’ll be willing to practice enough to be playing those fun songs anytime soon. Maybe you’ve noticed that some kids take lessons for several years but never seem to get much better at the piano, and you’re concerned that might be your child’s experience.

That’s why our number one focus with beginners is to help them make quick progress and read music on their own from day one. 

It’s really incredible for us to see the effects of this quick progress. Kids are motivated to keep practicing because they can see their results. They want to show off to their friends because they know they’re good! And they stick with lessons for a long time because when they can see how far they’ve come in one year or two years, they really start to understand that hard work pays off. 

And yes, kids DO understand this. They’re very smart!

Meet some of the awesome, happy kids in the program!

Elinor came to FMS as a complete beginner, and flew through her first book in less than two months (in case you’re wondering – this is crazy fast!). Since then she’s continued to make extremely quick progress, usually coming to her lessons having learned several songs in addition to the ones she was assigned. 

Her mom Nicole says, “She usually practices every day without needing to be reminded and her playing has improved so quickly that what sounded like noise a couple of months ago has improved to the point that I recognize the songs without her having to tell me what she’s playing.”

Tess was a beginner when she began lessons at FMS, and it was clear from the very first lesson that she was going to do impressive things. Within her first ten months of lessons, Tess is already working on her FIFTH SET of books, and continuing to go through her newest set at breakneck speed. 

Her mom Kathy recently emailed me and said, “Thank you for making Tess’s first year of piano so much fun for her. She loves playing and I know you are a big part of that!!”

Luke is working through the Young Beginner series. It’s really a joy to watch someone so young pick things up so quickly. He comes to all of his lessons completely prepared and excited to show me his songs. At six years old, he can already easily name all the notes on the staff that he’s learned so far. This would make most adults I know jealous!

Luke performed in his first recital at Christmas. He played “Up On the Housetop” and did an amazing job! 

Meghann began studying with Amy as a semi-beginner 2 1/2 years ago. She made good, steady progress for awhile, but in the last year or so she’s grown as a musician by leaps and bounds. She’s playing difficult repertoire with ease, able to read new music with minimal effort, performs in recitals regularly, and is clearly loving piano and music in general. Meghann is a star example of what students can achieve when they put their mind to something and stick with it. It’s clear that Meghann will enjoy music and cherish her ability to play the piano for her whole life, and THIS is our biggest goal for our students!

Her parents told us, “We love listening to our own private piano concert when Meghann practices.” We think she’ll be ready to sell tickets to her own concerts pretty soon! 🙂

“Thank you for all you have done for Meghann, it is obvious she truly enjoys playing the piano, we do not have to prompt or remind her to practice and it is great to see that this is something she is inspired to do and I believe it is due to your style of teaching.”  


Everyone knows the benefits of music lessons. Countless studies have shown their positive effects on the brain, IQ scores, improved academic scores, motor skills, creativity — the list goes on and on.

Why, then, doesn’t every parent put their child in music lessons? 

There might be some barriers holding you back.

Maybe you took lessons as a child but your teacher was scary and strict, or maybe you remember looking longingly out the window at the other kids playing, while you had to drill your scales for thirty minutes. 

Or maybe you never had the opportunity to take lessons as a child, and you’re nervous that your child will get stuck and you won’t be able to help him.

Do you want your child to love music, but you’re afraid that giving her the responsibility of taking lessons and practicing every day will stifle her enjoyment because it feels like hard work?

We understand, and can guarantee you won’t have those experiences with us.

To hold to this promise, we offer a FREE introductory lesson where your child will learn how to play 4-6 songs, and after 15 minutes be figuring these songs out all by themselves. There are no strings attached and no expectation to sign up, but we’re confident your child will fall in love with the piano at their introductory lesson! 

Fun, Easy Piano Lessons That Kids Love!

Our accelerated program allows students to learn their songs at the lesson, so they don’t go home feeling lost. Instead, they are eager to play the piano (not just practice, which sounds boring and hard).

From the very beginning, kids are reading and learning their new songs with ease. This boosts their confidence, which causes students to have the desire to practice and explore on their own at home!

Because of their self-motivation, quick progress, and many performance opportunities, our students enjoy showing their talents to other people. Their parents often tell me that they’re playing for friends and family all the time without being asked.

This is so important. Music is a powerful way to connect with others, and these shared experiences inspire and motivate our students to keep learning.

I recently emailed a student’s mom to tell her what great progress her daughter is making, and to tell her she must have a great method for motivating her at home. This was her response:

“A is really great about practicing, we don’t usually need to ask her, which is AWESOME. Whatever you’re doing to encourage her enthusiasm, it’s working, so thank you!”

These are the things our students’ parents are saying to us every day.


Halloween Recital

Evelyn performs at our recital at Beech Hill Farm

Christmas Recital

Audrey performs at our Halloween recital

Beech Hill Farm Recital

Krishna and Anjali after their recital

So what do I need to do?

It’s easy to get started!

  1. Send us an email
  2. We’ll set up a free trial lesson
  3. After the trial lesson, schedule your first set of lessons
  4. Immediately start to see amazing results!

You’ll only commit to nine weeks of lessons at a time. After your nine weeks, there’s no obligation to continue lessons. But we’re confident that your child will love our program — it may even be the highlight of their week!